Glorious gluten free options at Windermere hotel

A gluten free diet is an extremely common and is increasing by the day. Many people choose to omit gluten from their diets for reasons such a lethargic feeling after consuming it or slight bloating where as a huge number of the population are forced to for much more server symptoms and reasons. An allergy to gluten (or gluten sensitivity) effects many people differently and can create symptoms such as skin rashes and hives, headaches, a stuffy head and runny nose like hay fever and most commonly, problems with the gut such as indigestion and stomach cramps. Then onto Coeliac disease, a lifelong disease of an intolerance to gluten that can luckily be kept at bay omitting gluten from the diet.

In the case of being a Coeliac, it is extremely important not to consume any food item that has even touched a gluten product. Finding places to eat naturally becomes a problem as the UK is a nation of bread, pastry and pasta lovers. Restaurant menus are often laden with heavy, gluten rich dishes but replacing that with fresher, lighter foods without loosing out on the satisfaction or taste, is a good thing even for those who can eat gluten products.

windermere hotel restaurant

That is why it is refreshing to see hotels such as the Applegarth Villa Hotel & Restaurant in Windermere offering a high number of gluten free dishes on their dinner menu. These dishes do not scream out gluten free and are delicious for each and every guest, they have just been well thought out and devised. To get your gluten free taste buds going there’s pan fried scallops with butternut squash puree, micro herbs, pancetta crisps and citrus oil, lots of mains including pork fillet with a chorizo & sundried tomato puree and a ruby port reduction and the ultimate for any pudding lover, sticky toffee pudding. Chef’s own gluten free recipe is served with butterscotch sauce & vanilla ice cream. Gluten free bread, crackers and lager are also available to accompany dishes such as soup and the Cumbrian cheese slate.

With 1 in 100 people having Coeliac disease and many more people with gluten sensitivity, it’s about time there were more restaurant menus such as this one and if you aren’t gluten intolerant and don’t spot the “G” next to the menu item, I bet you’d ever know.

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